The HCKOC Cairn terrier team at Barn Hunt Sept 20, 2014, with judge Lori Oakley.

HCKOC held the first Barn Hunt trial on the Prairies September 20 and 21, 2014.
This was a very successful event, held at the Walker farm in Vanscoy with 8 dogs receiving novice titles (RATN) over the weekend, as well as a larger number of dogs achieving the instinct title (RATI).

The weather cooperated beautifully, we had a fabulous concession and wonderful judge, Lori Oakley from Boulder Colorado.  HCKOC looks forward to holding other Barn Hunt events in the future and to other clubs becoming active in this growing activity.

Terri and Lola searching

I found it!
Judges briefing and the course set-up
Completing the tunnel
Tash and Epic showing off Epic's placement ribbons.