Meet our Trainers

Our trainers are experienced in many areas of dog training and have first hand competition experience in numerous venues, including conformation, obedience, rally-o, agility, flyball, tracking, therapy dog, earthdog, and canine freestyle.

We strive to keep our training knowledge and skills current and relevant by attending seminars and workshops.

Our classes are usually taught by two or more trainers at a time, ensuring that each student has the opportunity for individualized attention and instruction when needed.

Our current trainers are:

Verna Blanchette:
  • Verna is a long time member of CKC and HCKOC.  She first got involved in Obedience in 1972 with her first Doberman, Joy.  She is currently doing Obedience with her Doberman, Sasha and does Flyball, Rally obedience and Obedience with her grandson's Norrbottenspets Elmo.  Verna has achieved numerous CDX Obedience titles on her dogs over the years. 
Dee Culbert 
Dee was introduced to lure coursing in 2010 and has been competing ever since with her  Afghan hounds. She travels to Alberta for Lure Coursing trials 5-6 weekends every summer and has developed strong friendships and mentorships with people who have been doing this since 1980 and were a strong driving force behind CKC introducing the CAP program. Over the last few years she has spent her  free time at these trials to learn as much as she can on running the lure machine as well as volunteering at other positions so that she can help bring Lure coursing and now Chase ability back to Saskatchewan.
Gisele Bulk
  • Gisele has extensive experience in showing, training and trialing dogs and has been active in a wide range of canine sports including Obedience, Agility, Rally-O, water trials, tracking and musical freestyle, She has been active in showing dogs for many years and has achieved championships on all of her pure bred dogs.  She also has a 25 year history in Obedience - trialing and teaching Obedience classes.  Her current dogs, Gina and Katie (miniature Poodles) are certified St. John Ambulance Therapy Dogs and enjoy visiting the Paediatric ward at Royal University Hospital.  Gisele has attended many seminars and workshops dealing with dog-related issues over her 25 years in dog training.
Jeannette Hargreaves
  • Jeannette entered her first obedience trial when she was a teenager and began showing and breeding Cairn Terriers in 1987.  She has 11 Canadian champions and 2 American champions to her credit as well as numerous dogs with Obedience and Rally titles (with 3 High in Obedience Trial scores and numerous Rally High in Class scores. Two of her dogs have earned Flyball Master titles while another competed in the AAC National Agility Championships in 2005.  Jet also enjoys barn hunt and scenting.  Her busy household includes an handful of Cairns and 2 rescue Golden retrievers. 
Liz Philips

Liz has two Cairn Terriers and has achieved Obedience, Rally Obedience, and Conformation titles with her dogs.  She enjoys clicker training, training her dogs to do tricks, and building solid teamwork through positive, force free training methods.  She occasionally attends seminars with professional trainers as a way to improve her training and teaching skill set.   updated Jan 2018