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Our club is an active one! With lots of activities throughout the year, our members have a wide variety of experience.  Many of us show and trial with our dogs and have years of experience in wide range of activities.
We help each other out whenever possible and have a group of members that get together regularly throughout the year.  We have member time, monthly dinner meetings, occasional pot luck dinners & a 'dogs included' Christmas party. We hold reward-based training classes taught by members. We host occasionally seminars about topics that are important to the modern dog owner.


Our Club Goals

  • Educate the public about responsible dog ownership

  • Promote ethical breeding and responsible ownership of healthy purebred dogs

  • Provide public services that promote a healthy relationship with our canine companions


Our Training Goals

  • To provide accessible, reasonably priced dog training classes.

  • To help others enjoy their canine companions as much as we enjoy ours.

  • To promote force free training using positive reinforcement leading to well adjusted, well mannered dogs that enjoy training and become active partners in the training process.

  • Our classes provide strong foundations for canine life skills (good manners and polite behaviors for living well in the human world and with other canines) and for canine performance events (whether for fun or competition). This includes socialization, obedience, self control, building a great training relationship and having fun.


Our Methods

  • Our training methods are force free, focusing on building value for behaviours we want our dogs to do through positive reinforcement (food, toys, praise, play, etc.).  Our methods are chosen to facilitate the development of a trusting relationship, develop enthusiasm for training (in both handler and dog) and make training enjoyable.

Our Trainers

  • We have skilled and experienced trainers. They focus on keeping their training knowledge and methods up to date by attending workshops and seminars regularly.

  • Our trainers are active participants and competitors in obedience, rally-o, agility, flyball, scent detection, barn hunt, chase ability, and therapy dog.

Our Members

Our members have a wealth of information and experience in the dog world. In addition to training and competing in dog sports, many of our members are active and successful in the show ring. Our members have decades of experience in showing & trialing a multitude of breeds.

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