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(not all will run each class term)

The registration portal will open for classes 1 month before start date.

Masks may be worn at all classes, but not mandatory at this time. 


Classes run for 6-8 weeks depending on class.


Note: If the Class you want is full or you are unsure which class is for you, Please EMAIL us and we will suggest a possible similar class or an alternative


Our dedicated instructors have years of training, trialing, and teaching experience.  All have been to numerous workshops & seminars and continue their ongoing education. Our instructors have successfully competed in many different dog sports, including CKC obedience, nose work, sprinters, and rally-obedience as a small set of examples.

Our club offers multiple class sessions throughout the year.

Most class sessions are seven weeks in duration, evenings and weekends.  

Looking to train and have fun our classes are for you! 

Our core classes are:

Beginner Obedience -class is a great starting point for any dog, from puppy to old age, whose owner would like to teach their dog basic manners and basic commands in a new social setting. These exercises include, sit, down, stand, stay, come when called, and walk properly on a leash. When time allows, we play games too.  As dog ownership isn’t always easy, questions or problems may arise. These instructors may offer assistance outside of class time.


Novice Obedience - for dogs who have been in a puppy or beginner class previously— for anyone who wishes to take their skills a step further. The focus of this class is to polish the basic skills so that dog and handler could enter obedience competition if they want to.  The exercises include stays, fronts & finishes, and heel work, all with precision and polish. This is the perfect class for anyone who wishes to compete in Obedience or Rally-O.

Canine Life Skills -  This K9 101 class is a starter class for anyone who wants a well-mannered dog.  You will learn how to teach your dog the ultimate basics such as self-control starting with settle and food manners, how to sit and down quietly,  to focus, to walk on a loose leash, to come when called, and so much more.  You will be provided with a number of tools to socialize your dog to the many things it will encounter on a regular basis such as grooming and handling, trips to the vet, dog parks, crates and rewards, and more importantly how to prevent problems before they become habits.


Beginner Scentwork -  The first level of scent work is BEGINNER  and starts dogs off with basic scent work training, teaching the dog to find scents and indicate to the owner that the scent has been found; the next level up is NOVICE SCENTWORK which builds on skills developed in the Beginner class. 

 Novice Scentwork- the next level up from BEGINNER SCENTWORK which builds on skills developed in the Beginner class. 

Other classes we offer are:

Puppy/Basic Manners- a good introduction to training for puppies. Large breeds under 5 months and Small/Medium breeds under 6 months.

Rally-Obedience - for dogs that have completed a basic obedience class and ready to try a different type of obedience.

Canine Good Neighbour (CGN) is a ‘good manners’ class for dogs that are comfortable around other dogs.  The training covers all the exercises required to take the CKC’s CGN test. 

Conformation - for people that want to learn more about how to show their dog. 

Classes are offered based on the needs of our students. Please contact us if you have an interest in a class listed above, or want to take a class not offered at this time, please contact us.

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If you are unsure which class suits your dog best, please email us at 
and one of our volunteers will get back to you! 
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