OCTOBER 2020 Session Classes being offered are highlighted below in bold. Note that MASKS will be required due to COVID-19, and hand sanitizer will be available at the door. 

BEGINNER OBEDIENCE class is a great starting point for any dog, from puppy to old age, whose owner would like to teach their dog basic manners and basic commands in a new social setting. These exercises include, sit, down, stand, stay, come when called, and walk properly on a leash. When time allows, we play games too.  As dog ownership isn’t always easy, questions or problems may arise. These instructors may offer assistance outside of class time.

NOVICE OBEDIENCE is for dogs who have been in a puppy or beginner class previously— for anyone who wishes to take their skills a step further. The focus of this class is to polish the basic skills so that dog and handler could enter obedience competition if they want to.  The exercises include stays, fronts & finishes, and heel work, all with precision and polish. This is the perfect class for anyone who wishes to compete in Obedience or Rally-O.


SCENTWORK (also called Nosework or Scent Detection) is a relatively new sport for ALL dogs. It is a great sport for puppies, seniors, energetic dogs, and dogs needing to build their confidence; it will help strengthen the bond between owner and dog while allowing the dog to do what comes naturally—using their nose. The first level of scentwork is BEGINNER Scentwork and starts dogs off with basic scentwork training, teaching the dog to find scents and indicate to the owner that the scent has been found; the next level up is NOVICE Scentwork, which builds on skills developed in the Beginner class. 


OPEN OBEDIENCE is an advanced level of formal CKC obedience, and it includes retrieving, going over jumps, and working OFF leash. 

RALLY-OBEDIENCE  teaches handlers to enjoy working on their obedience skills in a different format.  Our beginner rally classes require that dogs have a good concept of basic obedience so that the handler can focus on reading the signs while the dog executes the exercises with confidence. A dog should have a good understanding of the heel position, as well as sit, down, stay, call front, return to heel.  We can teach both CKC or CARO Rally.

CANINE GOOD NEIGHBOR (CGN) is a ‘good manners’ class for dogs that are comfortable around other dogs.  The training covers all the exercises required to take the CKC’s CGN test.

K9 FUN is meant to be an exciting class for both handler and dog.  It includes basic agility exercises--such as wobble boards, low planks, low jumps, and touch.  It also includes basic obedience, tricks & games.  Student suggestions are welcome.


BABY PUPPY is a class to encourage a puppy (3-5 months) to be well behaved and to enjoy working and playing with their handler.


CONFORMATION classes—preparation for showing dogs at a dog show—are offered occasionally on demand.